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This month’s theme song: a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Candy’s Room” by Perfect Pussy. Laura Snapes interviewed singer Meredith Graves for us—here’s an excerpt:

I’m really against that whole “radical self-love” thing. I think that is bullshit—it puts the burden of loving yourself on you, and it distracts from the real problem, which is that the cultures of privilege and oppression that surround every aspect of human life are why you feel bad about yourself. It’s not your fault. It’s everyone else’s responsibility to stop being shitty, and then you’d probably feel fine about yourself. It’s not you, it’s them.

The whole thing's worth a read.

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Guess who penned and recorded the brand new theme song for ROOKIE? Nasimiyu!



I usually write music first, but I wanted to get a message across, so I started with five pages of lyrics that looked like an essay! Making them sound the way they do was a process of elimination: simplify, then do it again. I wanted to describe a situation I felt very passionately about—I thought of it as a teaching opportunity, and the chance to take responsibility for my feelings about consumption.”

Listen now on Rookie!

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