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I want to do a Rookie meetup in BNE. I definitely think it would be 10/10 sum1 help me

Brisbane Rookies! Let this girl know you exist. (The usual blah-blah: This event is not official and we have nothing to do with it, except for a psyched feeling that always comes about when we imagine you guys finding and hanging out with one another.) xxAA. 

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NYC Readers Meet-Up fb Group


Hey Y’all, so a lot of you have been asking me about a Rookie Mag reader meetup in NYC, so I thought I would make a facebook group that anyone can join. We can decide on a date/location etc or just chat in the group.

Disclaimer, the event is not sponsored or affiliated with the actual Rookie mag, don’t want to get anyone in trouble

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Rookie Meetup in Scotland!


Hello! Ages ago I tried to organise a Rookie Meetup but nothing ever came from it, but I’m going to try and organise another cod’ it would be amazing to meet some cool like minded people here in Glasgow or the rest of Scotland! :D Please send me an ask!!

Here is the shit we have to say because of laws: We aren’t organizing this potential event and we have nothing to do with it. If it happens and you go to it and you fall down and break your pinky, it is not our fault and you cannot sue us! BUT we unofficially endorse such unofficial Rookie meetups with all our hearts, which are STRONGER THAN LAWS. xxAA.

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It saddens me that there are zero to none rookies here in the Netherlands. if there are a few please message me, we could meet up too?


Aww it’s OK! It’s worth it when we get to see y’all hanging out with each other. xxAA.

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does anyone want to plan a rookie meetup in chicago this summer ?? pleas

Yes it is a drag to have to keep saying w/ all of these meetup requests, queries, and announcements that we’re not officially involved, but we HAVE TO do so for legal reasons. Here is a cute video of a puppy friending some cows to thank you for bearing with us. xxAA.

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Rookie Meetup Louisville


The link for the rookiemag Louisville meetup is

Join and share your ideas/opinions about when the meetup should be and what we should do!

We reblog all of these (or as many as we happen to catch), which should never be taken as an official relationship/sponsorship for boring legal reasons but which should always be taken as an emotional EFF YEAH for reasons of the heart. ♥AA.

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haii I’ve set up a group for rookies in and around brighton (or wherever if you’re prepared to travel!) to organise meetups, talk to like minded people and to celebrate the amazingness that is rookie! if you like to join, know someone who would or think your followers would, please join/share/reblog co atm I just set it up so it’s just me and my sister ahahah 🎉🎉🎉🎈 so yeaaah hopefully i’ll see see y’all over there! much love xxx😍😍😍

*update* it’s no longer just me and my sister (woot woot 😆🎉🍕🍩🎈) but any more members are of course very welcome! and as Rookie said (I think it was anaheed hi anaheed) this group is 100% UNOFFICIAL and just organised by a reader! thaaaanks xo


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Rookie Meetup in Louisville, Ky


Is there anyone interested in having a Rookie Meetup in Louisville? Send me a message! I made a yahoo group too. rookiemag 

Spread the word!!! I think I saw a post about a rookie meet up in Louisville before, but now I can’t find it :(

Passing this along! The entity known as Rookie is in no way involved with these reader-organized meetups, so don’t sue us if you go to this thing and, like, fall down…or fall IN LOVE. xAA.

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