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Watching Freaks and Geeks with my 93 year-old Bubbie

Episode 7, “Girlfriends and Boyfriends”

Her: (Re: theme song) What the heck is this?

Me: School pictures!

Her: Well it’s stupid!¬†Who’s taking their picture?

Me: The photographer!

Her: (Shakes head) Terrible.


(Re: credits) “Who’s ‘Patty Lin’? Is she popular in school? Or is she an old maid?”


(Re: Daniel and Lindsay talking in class) “Are they supposed to be students? They don’t look too hot. They look terrible. Like they’re disgusted about something. They’re at school, right? (To screen) Shut up!”


(Re: Bill squirming in Cindy’s fart chair) “Is he sick in the head? I think he’s sick in the head!”


(Re: Freaks under the staircase) “Queer people. Real queer people. I think they’re sick.”

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