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No one’s fated or doomed to love anyone.
The accidents happen, we’re not heroines,
they happen in our lives like car crashes,
books that change us, neighborhoods
we move into and come to love.
Tristan und Isolde is scarcely the story,
women at least should know the difference
between love and death. No poison cup,
no penance.

-poet Adrienne Rich on love, via Brainpickings

(That last line kills me.—Jessica H.)

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"The lyrics really have the ability to pierce straight into anyone who at a point realized she had to change something about how she lived."


my sister is my favorite music writer

In case everyone isn’t already avidly following the bylines of Liz and Jenn Pelly, the young and influential twin sister feminist music critics, here is further proof they are doing some inspiring work and also will point you to good music most always.

—Jessica H.

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Gazing Males: An Assignment For Mark Guarino, Who Will Probably Be Called A "Good Dude" By A Friend But Who Comes Off As A Big Ol'...

The indulgence of last decade produced enough pop trash to fill a trailer park in East Peoria: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ashley Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Kelly Osbourne, Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff and even back benchers t.A.T.u, M2M, Hoku, Skye Sweetnam, Brooke Allison,…

Maura goes HAM on dude that wrote infuriating sexist piece about Taylor Swift.


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Galaxies of women, there
doing penance for impetuousness
ribs chilled
in those spaces of the mind

For National Poetry Day, a little bit of dearly departed feminist poet Adrienne Rich’s "Planetarium". She wrote (always, and without apology) from a woman’s perspective and about the everyday of women’s lives and minds. 

—Jessica H.

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