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this is kind of random but I was looking at the boston rookie meetup thing from last year that I never went to, and I was wondering if anybody in boston would like to do a rookie meetup sometime soon? like, in the summer?

(Reader-organized meetups are not affiliated with Rookie in any official capacity. That is a thing we have to say with every meetup reblog. But we are so excited that you guys are doing these.)


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Thank you all so much for coming to the Boston Rookie meetup! It was the greatest. I hope everybody had as much fun as I did. Huuuuge thanks to Hanna N for helping a TON with renting out the space and planning with me. Also, all of you who brought cookies/candy/glue guns/scissors and craft supplies are the BEST. I couldn’t have pulled this off myself and it was so good to know people were willing to share. 

Let’s hang out again soon! I miss you already!

PS. If an article goes out in the phoenix I’ll let everyone know! 

These pictures make my heart do happy backflips. You guys!!


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