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I was in Australia earlier this week, and one of the best things I did was see Pipilotti Rist’s show at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, I Packed the Postcard in My Suitcase. (It was not the very best thing I did, which was to hand-feed a wild kangaroo.)

Rist is a Swiss video artist that I was totally late to the game on. I learned about her just three years ago, via this New York Times Magazine profile, in which she says things like “When I see a really good work of art, sometimes I could just cry because more people aren’t going to know about it” and “I treat art as a service. I think of myself as a service worker.”

One part of the show at the ACCA had these transparent curtains/screens hanging from the ceiling, with looping videos of trees, flowers, mouths, sheep, projected onto them. And when you peeked through the curtains you saw this video playing of Rist walking through her daily life— grocery shopping, making tea—all the while never breaking her gaze with the camera. (See my shitty cell-phone pics above.)

Stay tuned for more Pipilotti content (I couldn’t fit it all into one post).

Thanks to our illustrator Minna Gilligan for telling me about this show!

<3 Anaheed

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