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A while ago Rookie posted photos of shrines, and I was inspired by the suitcase one. Genius idea! It’s number 44, if you’re looking for it.

Anyway, at the time I made a shrine to America, because America is basically the home of everything I love (maybe with a few exceptions) and I was obsessing over going there. I drew inspiration from the early American colour photographers like William Eggleston and Stephen Shore and the kind of polaroid/snapshot aesthetic that I associate as being very American. I also included a kind of kitsch retro element, with hamburgers, tacky ornaments, doillies etc.

Fast forward a couple of months to now, and while going through a box of old photos I was seized by the urge to change my shrine. So now it is a shrine to my one true love in life, Nostalgia. Or, more specifically, my childhood. It’s filled with old photos from when I was a kid and a teenager, knick knacks and jewelry I still have from when I was young, old diaries and letters, and the pennant I made when I did my First Communion. It was a  good excuse to climb into the attic and rifle through the boxes of stuff I have up there!

Oh wow. -A

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