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"For the Yoko book tour, what I’m doing is going to people’s living rooms all over California in top-secret locations and re-enacting some of Yoko’s films and pieces. I’m going to re-enact one of her films, “Up Your Legs Forever.” In it, people are walking on a treadmill, and they’re naked, and one person had a peg leg, and they were maybe not all attractive people. There was just this assembly line of naked bodies walking on a treadmill, and on the soundtrack you could hear the producer and Yoko Ono making phone calls trying to get more naked people to come down and get on the treadmill. It really messed with your perceptions after a while. Playboy has no hold over you after you’ve sat through an hour of that movie…I’m going to have everybody come and get naked, and I’m really hoping that there will be somebody with a peg leg or something like that. So far I haven’t been able to find a treadmill, but somebody said they have a rowing machine so I think we’re going to have to do it on a rowing machine.

But you can only get one person on a rowing machine.

[Laughing] Well, they’re going to have to take turns.

Lisa Carver of 90’s fanzine Rollerderby fame/infamy interviewed in the New York Times about her new book that is a meditation on her feelings about Yoko Ono.

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