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Scottish Rookie Reader Meetup

From reader Rachel W:

Some other girls and I have organised a meet up for the Scottish readers of Rookie, this Saturday, the 22nd of September, at half past 1. I was just wondering if you could put this on your tumblr, so we can get some more people to come along. It is at the Botanic Gardens in the west end of Glasgow, outside of Kibble Palace (the main greenhouse). (If the weather is rubbish we will go along to a cafe or do some shopping in the little vintage shops nearby.) Link to the facebook group:

(Btw these meet-ups aren’t official Rookie events; they’re independent happenings organized by readers who want to meet other readers.)

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    saw this and squealed cos i have the day off work and this is going to be so great AHHHH!!
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    ladieees, theres a nice wee glasgow-based collective starting up that might be of interests… //
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    if i haz money then maybe
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    Ugh I want to go so badly but I can’t! I’m going to Glasgow the day before that and can’t afford to go twice! This is so...
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    Glaswegian Rookie readers! Ahh, if only I wasnt working a late night the night before/would probably be the only 22 year...
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