1. caamilyta answered: not
  2. erikonymous answered: Great! What’s a Rookie Meet Up?
  3. boxundertherocks answered: PLEASE meet up in Kansas city!!
  4. oyasumi-guchi answered: sandyegoo
  5. rachelrianne answered: whoa. i wish i still lived in kc. i know some girls who might be interested, though…
  6. small-as-a-world answered: Oh my god get in contact with Megan Kaminski at KU and she will spread the f*cking word
  7. teenlovebabe answered: rookies, diganos ideas para meetup de tijuana mexico, we love u.
  8. blarglenargle answered: yessss! Finally!
  9. thevoltairian answered: Absolutely amazing
  10. makeyourbraingofuzzy answered: yesss to kansas city.. or wichita, i mean, we are the biggest city in this state and no one ever thinks about us. :(
  11. godlessandbraless answered: how about pittsburgh! dang!
  12. officialmoongoddess answered: awesome!!!!
  13. overwon answered: any chance of going international and visiting australia? :D
  14. wssrstrm answered: It’s too far from Manchester, NH, which is where I am
  15. carolinawalters answered: new york sounds nicer, come closer! :)
  16. illomened answered: LAWRENCE KANSAS. IT’S THE BOULDER OR THE PLAINS. :):):):)
  17. peachiestpisces answered: totally!! I’m in KC and totally interested!! <3
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  19. lanigan answered: Yeah!
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