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We’re putting together a post about Pussy Riot; if you want to express solidarity with them and be in a photo album on the site, please send a picture of yourself holding a sign that says I STAND WITH PUSSY RIOT to anaheed at rookiemag dot com. Thank you! <3 A

this sounds cool. ‘free cece’ is also a really important cause for all the rookies out there.

yeah l0l i tried to email rookie about that but they ignored it

guess your cause has to be white for ppl to care

What email address did you write to and from what name? I haven’t seen your email yet. We get a lot of email and so it takes me a long time to get to everyone; sorry about that. We are a tiny team.

And I agree that Free Cece is also a really important cause for all the Rookies; thank you for bringing it up! <3 Anaheed

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    Rookie is a fairly high-profile media outlet for young women and girls, so i would hate to see them encourage mass...
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    High fucking five to Rookie. What a slick comeback.
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