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Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony and did you like it?

(I liked the Suffragettes the best)

-Naomi (the British one)


  1. witchyscott answered: ALL THE THINGS WERE AMAZING
  2. trailofyarn answered: Super cool, just really super cool. I think the petal torch was the most incredible symbol ever <3
  3. serprincesa answered: not seen, what a shame .
  4. thedictionarythatcantspell answered: Me too
  5. racheldixon17 answered: i see and like :)
  6. thekurious answered: The Opening Ceremony was absolutely amazing as always!!!! But I heard a lotof people were confused by the way it was set up.
  7. lulamaie answered: Didn’t watch the opening ceremony but the Men’s gym was oohlala eyecandy
  8. girls-and-boys-i-like answered: I watched it and I didn’t like it. It was so gaudy (and not in an awesome way)
  9. kaleidoscopejannah answered: I freaking loved it.
  10. hifromchantal answered: i enjoyed the soundtrack the best everything from the tubular bells, to the arctic monkeys. Also liked the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang shout out
  11. asamatteroffucked answered: I took a screenshot of the suffragettes and put it on my tumblr cause I kept looking for it and found nothing. I guess I’m not the only one.
  12. ediesumms answered: Loved it!
  13. gummybear2 answered: yes and i liked it
  14. dino-roars answered: I did watch it, It was long and during it I was bored, but the lighting of the tourch was brilliant!
  15. giselaliga answered: Loved all of it! So cool to see Danny Boyle’s style & interpretation come alive “live” in the Olympics Opening Ceremony.
  16. rockstarkisses-andlyinghips answered: I did, I didn’t get to watch all of it but I liked the Mr.Bean part the most. He’s always so funny.
  17. clairebouchgay answered: ARCTIC MONKEYS <3333
  18. elegiacholiday answered: New Order.
  19. bring-me-a-reason answered: No
  20. treesandstix answered: I thought it was cool in its own way, but I liked bejiing better…
  21. im-a-good-noona answered: It was great and had its good parts but I was hoping they would show the Medieval Era of England.
  22. iamnotawitch answered: The Queen stole the show. (But I also loved the Suffragettes)
  23. freelizkhalifa answered: omg no i wanted to watch beyond so badly but being in a diffrenet country has its limitations
  24. trillbitch666 answered: JK Rowling read a story and mega- Voldemort was there so I loved it.
  25. ritzleshneff answered: I liked the the suffragettes, too. I also liked when the kids started dancing.
  26. girl-in-a-thunderbolt-suit answered: I watched some of it! Some of it was weird, kinda awkward. But I loved the lighting of that huge torch thingie and the fireworks!
  27. wetsuitpiss answered: i was shocked at how we were bragging about the NHS whilst there are plans to sell it !!!
  28. whoopdedoo answered: Yes, it was very beautiful. I’m not into sports at ALL, but I still found the ceremony to be spectacular.
  29. thinskinlintmint answered: didn’t try to one up the beijing ceremony/just incorporated history and creativity/very happy with natural incorporation of POC
  30. snowwhiteinhell answered: Mr. Bean
  31. icanfeelsomethinginsidethatsays answered: i watched like half of it … i thought the beggining was confusing .
  32. im-undercontrol answered: arctic monkeys were the best bit for me
  33. simpinabarbie answered: YES IT WAS FAB X
  34. indoor-exploration answered: yes i was able to watch it live and loved it! it made me realize just how much i would like to be british.
  35. iwannabey0urvacuumcleaner answered: Yes it was amazing loved arctic monkeys and Voldemort and Jk Rowling and rowan Atkinson. Danny Boyle did a good job !
  36. renegadeinthetardis answered: i saw it and my favourite part was seeing Mr. Bean and I’m from Canada
  37. tranquilatmosphere answered: Yes i did watch it. It was simply amazing and the beginning was unexplainable! :-)
  38. goldnpink answered: i liked the artic monkeys presentation!
  39. 3ksa5te answered: no i didn’t
  40. haneen-purpleclover answered: YES! I liked all the lights, the music (WHERE WAS COLDPLY?) , the dancers, and how everything is high tech. But it was THAT entertaining.
  41. thegrubpug answered: YES!!! LOVED IT!
  42. miss-rumphius answered: I love how beautiful it was. And how incredibly British the opening ceremony was too.
  43. rotfrukter answered: Mr Bean was amazing. Chariots of Fire <3
  44. dorothyarznervampirehunter answered: i’ve only seen the part with a lot of attractive people dancing to different songs but it was very lovely
  45. randomwithabitoffandoms answered: Nah i liked Chinas better