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Big Sur group photo, regular and bitchface editions. (See if you can spot the two people who didn’t know what “bitchface” means.)

This was the last meetup on our road trip, so it was bittersweet. We have had the most excellent time traveling across the country in Greased Lightnin’ these past three weeks. Thanks to everyone who came out to one of our events. We already loved making Rookie, but now that we’ve met the amazing, funny, brilliant people who read it, it’s even more fun. 

If you live in a town that we didn’t make it to, we encourage you to organize your own independent meetup, like these girls in London did! If you did come to a meetup and want to keep in touch with the people you met there, make an online group like these girls in San Francisco did!

Now that we’re in L.A., we’re busy getting ready for our show and week of events at Space 15 Twenty. Come and say hi! <3 Anaheed

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    That’s me in the blue ‘Bill and Ted’ shirt! This was lots ‘o fun meeting all the girls of Rookie Mag!