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hey Cool Girls! If you’re lazing around this Sunday hoping to find some cool new jams to get excited about, BURGER RECORDS is here to save the day. They’re a label out of Orange County in California and they put out pretty much every rock and roll record that you want to listen to right now, even if you don’t know it yet. I swear by it, because I’ve been in love with Burger’s output for enough time to really call it true love.

On their website they have a neat sampler that’ll give you a good taste of Burger (hahahaha hohoho). WASTE YOUR WHOLE DAY TRYING TO DO HOMEWORK LISTENING TO THIS INSTEAD! You know it’s what I do!

There’s a lot of good stuff on here from all over the country, and some cool reissues of quality jams from years past. By the way, if you’re a fan of tapes…get ready to pee your pants, because you have found your happy place. U WELCOME!

<3 Dylan

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    Burger Records is the best tbh.
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    This is so good ya’ll. Perfect sewing music.
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