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(Skip to :46) This is what being Up All Night in Chicago was like back in 1947: “Fantastic” cape dancing, aged white dudes with white beards toasting each other… but wait until the three minute mark—the outfits of the dancing girls of “exotic” Chez Paree—rib-high gold lame pants with baby pink puffy bunny tails attached at random, the off the shoulder top with x-treme ruffles, wee berets—are really amazing. What if that was your job? To dress like that and dance like a sea monkey while someone roped you like a calf with a long length of ribbon. This is what passed for wild nightlife here in Chicago sixty years ago! How stoked would you be if you went to see a band and there was a dancing horse (7:03) performing as well? You can’t say that old timey people didn’t know how to party.

—Jessica H.

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