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Call in to participate in Dylan's new project, DAILY CRY!

THE STORIES SO FAR HAVE BEEN SO WONDERFUL, big thanks to all who have shared already!Just a reminder…leaving this open a little longer if anyone wants to still contribute. Ask your parents, friends, whoever, too!

Leave a voicemail anytime at (323) 813-UCRY (that’s 8279) or record a message by following the link. The stories are going into a bigger project I’m launching later this month called EPISODA!



hey buddies!

I’m working on a new participatory audio project with my friend Mukta Mohan and we’d love to have your voice in it! It’s the first edition of an ongoing series we’re calling DAILY CRY, where we ask you a prompt and you leave us a voicemail in response.

The first prompt is: What was a time when you were moved to recognize a younger version of yourself in someone, somewhere, something else outside of you? What was that like?

Call (323) 813-UCRY (that’s 8279) and leave us a voicemail! We’re looking for a huge range of voices, from olds and youngs to anyone in between. So feel free to RT! If you prefer to be anonymous, we welcome that, too. We’re gonna keep this up and running til SATURDAY, April 5 at 8pm PST.